World’s least impressive troupe of jugglers…

 I’m so upset. WIP.

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It turns out a really good cure for being drunk is when you’re on a plane and then an engine explodes and you think you’re going to die.
— Arthur Shappey, St Petersburg, Cabin Pressure (via cabinpressurequotesftw) —
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MJN air…as Lemons 

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Cabin Pressure (2008-2014)

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You’ve probably never even stopped to wonder who provides the voices for  Cabin Fever. Well, here they are in a rare moment in front of the camera: Bennet Cumberland, who plays Marvin; Alan Rogers - Duncan; Stephen Coles - Arnold; and Daisy Tyler - Gertie. Pictured here with lucky competition winner Jon Phillimore.

"Well, that’s it - as of last Sunday I am officially that guy who used to write Cabin Pressure. It is a very strange feeling. I will write more about it when the show is broadcast. (We still don’t know when that’ll be. The Christmas Eve thing is plausible, but it’s only a rumour - no-one from the BBC has confirmed that to us. Personally, I hope they can make it a bit sooner, but it’s their decision.)  For now, I just want to say thank you again to our marvellous audience - both those who were in the Drill Hall last Sunday (No spoilers! I’m counting on you!) and those who would have liked to have been, but weren’t. You guys are great. Hope you enjoy Zurich!

(Oh, yes: it IS called Zurich. For ages and ages it was going to be called Zanzibar, just to surprise people, and I’m still a bit sorry that it’s not. But the bit which justified calling it that was one of the many victims of the cuts required to get my original 14,500 word draft down to 9,000 ish words, so Zurich it is…)”

'lucky competition winner Jon Phillimore’ :D

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Do you want to hear one you’ve never heard before? I’ll tell you one
that I guarantee you have never heard before. My biggest weakness
as a pilot is that I’m not very good at flying aeroplanes.
I mean, I’m good enough, like the sim said: I’m adequate. Adequate to the task. But I don’t do it easily, it’s not second nature to me.
On your scale of one to ten, if one is the bare minimum of competence, I’m about a four. And I used to be a one - no, I used to be a zero.
And then I took my C.P.L., again, and then again.
And then I was a one, and then a two, and then a three, and now a four.
And I’m not finished yet. And that’s why you should employ me, that’s why you’d be lucky to employ me: because if you’re not naturally good, if you can’t rely on just knowing how to do it like Doug - like some people can, then you have to, well you have to be a perfectionist, actually, and I am one. And that’s why, even when you’ve turned me down, I’m going to keep on flying. Because flying is the perfect job, and I won’t settle for a life where I don’t get to do it.

Cabin Pressure, Yverdon-les-Bains (via hushmyheadhushmyheart)

I love this quote so much because of the parallels with Finnemore himself. "Do you want to hear one you’ve never heard before?" The main thing I like about John’s comedy is his originality. "My biggest weakness is I’m not very good at flying" and "I don’t do it easily, it’s not second nature to me"; John has always made it clear he doesn’t enjoy writing, it’s not what he loves most of all but he’s a perfectionist and wants to be the one in control. I can also easily imagine that he used to feel like a one, then became a two, and so on, and that he’s only getting better. "…even when you turn me down, I’m going to keep flying", the BBC did turn his Souvenir Programme down the first time but he kept going and this year we’re getting the 4th series of a show that got a “no” once. This whole speech could’ve directly been said by Finnemore and will always be one of my favorite quotes.

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Cabin Pressure [2008-2014]

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Cabin Pressure Rec

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Cabin Pressure - Final episode spoiler free review.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house on Sunday when Cabin Pressure recorded its final episode. Over 22,000 people applied for 200 seats and their enthusiasm and love for the show was so clear for everyone to see. No wonder John Finnemore got a bit teary eyed afterwards!

The Radio Times have suggested that the show won’t air until Christmas (which as lovely a compliment as that is for the show that it’s considered prime Christmas fare is a VERY long wait) so I’m a bit terrified of spoiling anyone but here are a few tidbits:

  • The show picks up immediately after the end of series 4 with Martin having been offered the job at Swiss Air and fibbing to the MJN Air crew that he’s waiting to hear from them.
  • Benedict’s talent for mimicry is put to good use
  • There’s a new clever word game.
  • Martin and Arthur get to show off their truly terrible grasp of accents
  • Martin and Princess Teresa continue to be the sweetest, dorkiest and most utterly unlikely pairing in the history of romance
  • You’re always playing Yellow Car
  • The relationship between Carolyn and Herc is wonderful, real and really very touching.
  • Douglas is really very very clever
  • The last line is just completely and totally perfect….

I’ve had a lot of asks about how satisfying the episode is and I thought it was a completely satisfying ending. The series has always been at its strongest when it’s dealing with the relationships between the characters. Zurich succeeds in tying up all the loose ends and giving each and every character the ending they deserve. It’s warm, funny, clever, touching and overflowing with wit. A hugely emotionally satisfying send off and one I hope we won’t have to wait to Christmas to hear!

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Forgot to include pictures of what went INSIDE the bags (and their closeups). Here they are! :) (Don’t worry - Roger did get a DVD too. Just forgot to put it in the photo!)

The figurines are made by the very talented Pei. You can find her Tumblr here.

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