MJN Air family having a day off dinner at Carolyn’s backyard. Or what it might look like in my head.

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Cabin Pressure Character Lables, all together together

Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 16:00/


John Finnemore hosting a Cabin Pressure quiz at the EuroAirDotCon in Milan 2014 - deleted scene from Molokai

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come fly with me.

aannd here is the epic WIP ive been complaining about for the last 2 days„ heck i love this radio show and this character a lot to bother i NEVER do digital painting .. or painting of any kind tbh

anywayyy this sprouted from a combination of Martin-Crieff-orientated fic and headcanons yesterday, and the release of Ben Howard’s new song “End of the Affair” because i love drawing to his songs

also a great opportunity to be drawing lots of little planes in the form of airfix models; there’s a supermarine spitfire, a cessna 320, a lockheed constellation, a boeing 747, a sopwith camel and one of the red arrows, along with a lockheed jetstar and a mcdonnell 220 which are my go-between for G-ERTI the “lockheed mcdonnell 312”

here’s a layer progression gif showing off its 50 or something layers lmao

💕✈️💕✈️💕 my small son and his planes 💕✈️💕✈️💕

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Random Cabin Pressure facts


Over time I’ve collected some random facts about Cabin Pressure that I thought I might share because maybe someone will find them interesting or useful. :3 Enjoy~

Correct spellings of some names:

  • Snoopadoop (x)
  • Karl (of ATC) (x) (x
  • Hamilton R. Leeman (x)
  • Hester Macauley (x)
  • Mr Birling (x)
  • Kieran Gregson (x)
  • Madame Szyszko-Bohusz (x)
  • Mr Alyakhin (x)
  • Mrs Diment (x)
  • Gerry (from Uskerty) (x)
  • King Maxi(milian), Theresa’s brother (x) (x)
  • Pozzitive Production (x)
  • GERTI, because Golf Echo Romeo Tango India

Caitlin or Caitlyn Crieff? I don’t know. Pozzitive’s website says Caitlin, but John has spelt it as Caitlyn on his blog (x

All information from Comedy Guide appears same as they appear on Pozzitive’s website. I just couldn’t get a direct link to those at Pozzitive’s site, so they are sourced to Comedy Guide.

Random facts (that are not necessarily canon):

  • Arthur is always the little dog when playing Monopoly (x)
  • Martin made £950 on the Birling day in Paris (x)
  • Douglas was sacked from Air England, because he was trying to smuggle seven silk kimonos by stitching them inside his jacket (and then presumably tried to get himself out of it by claiming to be ”a loveable eccentric”) (x)
  • GERTI has ”eight rows of two, with an aisle between them.” (x)
  • Douglas has two daughters and one of them is called Verity (x)
  • Douglas’s daughters are not from the same marriage (x)
  • Martin takes coffee, though he prefers tea. Douglas takes tea, because he prefers tea” (x)
  • Arthur is quite a good driver (x
  • A man called Clive taught him to drive (x) (while this is a secondhand source, I was personally at the Priory Tavern, too, and remember John saying this)
  • Martin is about 5’6 or 5’7 (x)
  • Theresa is taller than Martin (x)
  • Martin may or may not be balding (x)
  • Herc keeps the sheep in his flat (x)
  • Carolyn paid for the goose that ate Martin’s ring (x)
  • Martin became sort of friends with Martin and they occasionally go to the pub together. One of the Martins sometimes housesits for the other Martin. (x)
  • Arthur’s team might be a hockey team (x)
  • Martin had presumably been working for MJN for nine months before the events of Abu Dhabi (x)
  • In Ottery St. Mary, Arthur and Douglas pushed the piano with Martin on top of it (x)
  • Douglas thought Martin did rather well with the landing in St. Petersburg (x)
  • Yellow taxis do not count as yellow cars (x)
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Dear traveling lemons, I am so excited I got the ok to post these beautiful Cabin Pressure illustrations made by the talented Gracia via her Twitter page @Gracein140  

They are absolutely brilliant and I can’t get enough of them. You can also check her work out on her Facebook  page.

I cannot wait to see more!

So cute!

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Poster No. 2 of Cabin Pressure games :D

Click here for The Traveling Lemon poster: Click me!


The world’s least impressive troupe of jugglers.

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