I’ve been tagged by the lovely Verena, so here goes. This was fun.

Rule 1: Post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger sent for you in their post and then make eleven new ones

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1.What’s your favourite dish?

This is always a hard one, cause i have several, but let’s go with lasagna this time. I love lasagna, in all its forms.

2.How many times have you moved in your life?

Well i’ve only moved once. Now i live in a town 100 km from my home town, for 8 years now.

3.Is there anything you want pretty badly but you probably are never going to get it?

If i were to dream that far it would be to travle in space. That’s something i’ve wanted since ever, and that’s never going to happen. But other than that, everything i want it’s accomplishable with i try hard enough.

4.What’s your biggest fear?

That i would end up alone when i get old, since i don’t want to get married or anything. But i hope that my best friend, that is going to get married, will always be around.   

5.Do you want to have children one day?

One day maybe, but children are not my biggest desire. I always have in my mind that i don’t want any, but who knows, people change.

6.Let’s pretend the apocalypse will actually happen on 21st December this year. Which would be the preferred last song you’d listen to?

Oh this is a nice one, or rather creepy, Can i have a whole album? I’ll go with Vampire Weekend. Probably because im listening to them right now, but they are one of my favourites. And check this one, its perfect.

7.Do you remember which was the first book you ever read?

the very first big book i read was Jules Vernes - Captain Grant’s Children. I loved that book.

8.Do you have a fandom (or any other hobby) which is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is the Sherlock fandom. I don’t have a per-say hobby, i love a lot of things, i love science, and i love to read all about physics and the universe, i like buying encyclopedias  i love going into book stores and browse around, i like buying small stuff, like figurines.    

9.Are you a tidy person?

Yes, i have to say that i’m a little too tidy, and when i get bored, i tend to organize stuff, like my clothes, my books, and that kinda stuff. I dont like stuff laying around the room, organised. 

10. What should be the inscription of your tombstone?

"She was a funny one."

11.Compared to 2011 - how did life treat you in 2012?

I think 2012 treated me just fine. It was better than 2011, just on the fact that this year i had a vacation.  

Thank you again for this. It was really fun and interesting to do. 

Here are my 11 for the you guys tagged here.

1. Do you like where you are now in life?

2. Would you like to move in the country side?

3. What’s the one thing you think you can’t live without?

4. When was the last time you went to the movies?

5. Is your OTP canon? Haahahhaa…

6. What’s the very big gift you want, but nobody thinks of buying it for you?

7. How big is the universe?

8. Do you find yourself staring at the clouds and making up shapes and animals out of them?

9. What kind of music you can’t stand? As in “dont ever play that in my face again”!

10. 3 words that say something about your room.

11. Are you free on the 21st of december, cause im having a party and your invited!!

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